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Xport Pro - Same Pinout as Xport with Powerful 32 bit features


MPN XPP1002000-02R, XPP1003000-04R

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XPort® Pro™ is Lantronix’ most powerful, self-contained embedded networking module and is pin compatible with the original XPort®. Choose between two XPort Pro software versions: Linux or Evolution OS™ operating systems.

XPort Pro eliminates the complexity of designing network connectivity into a product and allows you to deploy advanced applications on the edge device itself. The thumb-sized XPort Pro provides everything you need in a single embedded solution. It effortlessly handles demanding applications with the power of a high-speed, advanced architecture 32-bit processor. And with ample built-in memory 16MB of flash and 16MB of SDRAM, it allows virtually unlimited flexibility for customization.

XPort Pro provides a high level of security by offering data encryption and authentication options. The LINUX version supports both IPV4 and IPV6 networking stacks.

XPort Pro also includes Lantronix’ VIP (virtual IP) Access™ technology, which allows for seamless integration with the ManageLinx™.


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Operating System

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GC-XPORT-PRO-EVO-02R XPort Pro EVO OS with 16 MB SDRAM XPP1002000-02R
GC-XPORT-PRO-LINUX-04R XPort Pro Linux OS with 16 MB SDRAM XPP1003000-04R
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