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IP Ethernet Intercom Surface Mount Models: POE Only - Black

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Manufacturer: Digital Acoustics LLC

Power Supply


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Product Information

Product Description

The IP Ethernet Intercom is designed for network audio communication over Ethernet or the Internet. These Network Intercoms are easy to install using existing LAN wiring, and have dozens of applications.   Our Digital Intercom technology offers many advantages over analogue systems.  The scalable design of the IP Ethernet Intercoms allows for intercom installations from one intercom to hundreds of intercoms.  The Wall/Surface mount model is easy to install and designed to be screwed down securely on any flat surface or wall.

IP Intercom systems can be designed with any combination of intercom endpoints: Desktop Models, Wall/Surface Mount Models, Paging Units, or  Call Station Models.  There are two types of IP Intercom systems, paired, or console based.

Paired Intercoms:
For paired systems, two endpoints can be configured as paired point-to-point units.  These two intercoms can talk to each other from anywhere in the world over the Internet.  They are configured using the free TalkMaster™ LE Software running on a PC, and once set-up, the PC is removed, and the two endpoints will forever talk to each other exclusively.  You can change the configuration later by running TalkMaster LE again.   You can have an unlimited number of paired intercoms on the same network - they will not interfere with each other.

Console Based Systems:
A console based system, has one or more PC Consoles, communicating with any number of endpoints.   Different software is needed to run a single-console system versus a multi-console system.  

Single-console systems can be implemented using TalkMaster LE Software that comes free with the purchase of any intercom.   A single-console systems utilize a PC running standard Talkmaster LE Software to communicate with IP Intercom Endpoints.   This is a "virtual" star configuration, where all endpoints report to the console.  The console can communicate with any endpoint using the PC's speaker and microphone.   Using the Talkmaster GUI (Graphical User Interface), the console operator can initiate or receive calls to/from endpoints.   The operator is notified of waiting calls, and customized "please wait" messages can be created for calls waiting in queue.  The console operator may also select groups of intercoms to broadcast a message, or for paging.   TalkMaster software can be loaded on any number of PC's, so the Console can move from one PC to another.  In addition, a "live-standby" can be configured, so that console control can be passed back and forth between two PC's with ease.

A single-console systems utilize a PC running standard Talkmaster LE Software to communicate with IP Intercom Endpoints.

Multi-console systems require the purchase and installation of TalkMaster™ Enterprise Edition (EE) software.  This advanced software allows for multiple, simultaneously active consoles.  A server is required to host the Talkmaster-EE Application.   This system features real-time call handling, using rules-based queue management. Intercom queues are groups of intercoms that may be assigned to human console operators acting in management teams. To assure service quality, TalkMaster-EE incorporates a powerful set of rules-based controls to handle incoming call counts, waiting time in queue and call priorities. By applying these rules, the TalkMaster-EE Administrator is able to establish call response hierarchies for virtually any organizational requirement. 

Intercoms can route through a single server to multiple consoles with TalkMaster™ Enterprise Edition (EE) software

Typical Wall Model Applications:

  • Paired point-to-point with another wall model or desk model (GC-IPIC-EDW)
  • Paired with an IP7-ST (and call station) (GC-IPIC-IP7-ST) to provide access control for a door or gate.
  • Paired with a paging unit and speaker(GC-IPIC-IP7-SE8) for simple paging configuration
  • Used as an end-station with a PC Master Console running TalkMaster LE Software (point-to-multipoint). The PC Master Console can control and communicate with a single end-station intercom, to hundreds of intercoms in a larger installation.

Order Summary


Power Supply


Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-IPIC-ESW-POE-110 POE & 110V White IP7-ESW
GC-IPIC-ESB-POE-110 POE & 110V Black IP7-ESW
GC-IPIC-ESW-POE-220 POE & 220V White IP7-ESW
GC-IPIC-ESB-POE-220 POE & 220V Black IP7-ESW


  • Local or Worldwide Ethernet or Internet Connection
  • Simple configuration using PC software
  • Simple installation using 10/100M Ethernet
  • High Quality Voice/Audio with simple Push-to-Talk button / speaker interface
  • Volume Up, Volume Down, and Monitor/Open buttons
  • 3.5mm Microphone and Speaker Jacks for External Interface
  • iTalkX, ActiveX Software Development Kit available (NDA required)
  • Available in black or white
  • Technical support
  • Reseller pricing available

Documents and Drivers


Getting Started Guide


Audio Latency

Proprietary auto-latency receiver. Typical ~ .3s

Audio Resolution

PCM-8 bit and uLAW-16 bit

Audio Sample Rate

8 kHz (Voice band)


Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (Auto detection) RJ-45

IP Address Assignment

Static or Automatic via DHCP



POE Standard

IEEE 802.3af compliant



Serial Interfaces



  • TalkMaster™ LE: Windows® 98, Windows NT4 (SP6), Windows 2000 or XP Pentium® III 750 mhz – Memory 128MB (Min), Multimedia Card
  • TalkMaster™ Enterprise (optional): Windows 2003, 2003 Server, Windows 2000, 2000 Server or XP Pentium IV, 256MB RAM, 20 MB Hard Disk, Multimedia Card

Transport Bandwidth

2w Max @ 4 ohms

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