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NetDirect - Serial to Ethernet Cable



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NetDirect is a simple to use Serial to Ethernet Cable allowing for plug and play conversion of RS232, RS422, or RS485 signals over an ethernet network. 

The NetDirect Device Service is a small compact cable that allows you to simply convert your RS232 or RS422 or RS485 device to an Ethernet port. This conversion allows you to put you devices on a network and have access to them over a wide range via the Internet or local Ethernet network. The NetDirect can be purchased in several different configurations. First the serial port side can be either RS232 only or RS232/422/485. Second the NetDirect can be powered using a wall supply, through the DB9 connector on Pin 9, or the USB port.

As a Serial Device Server, the NetDirect converts your standard RS232, RS422, or RS485 serial port to an Ethernet Port. The baud rates supported by the NetDirect are from 300 to 921.6K baud and the various data formats, 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, parity of none, even, odd, mark, hardware flow control using RTS/CTS signals or software control using XON/XOFF and modem controls signals DTR/DSR/DCD.

The NetDirect has supports either DTE (male pins) or DCE (female no pins) on the serial side of the cable. The power for the NetDirect can be supplied from the cable power plug, from pin 9 of the DB9 connector or through the USB port. The NetDirect has an Ethernet isolation value of 1500 volts and an ESD protection on the serial port of 15KV.

The NetDirect is industrially tough and is designed for operating temperature of -40C to +85C, it has also be approved for worldwide use by UL, CE, RoHS, IEC, CSA , CAN and FCC.

The NetDirect uses a simple install program and a virtual COM port redirector to map your PC serial port to Ethernet IP addresses.

NetDirect models include:

  • RS232 only version DCE or DTE with or without 110VAC or 220VAC wall power supply
  • RS232/422/485 version DCE or DTE with or without 110VAC or 220VAC wall power supply


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Serial Type

Power Supply


Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-ND-232-DCE-110 RS232 110V - U.S./North America DCE (female) GC-ND-232-DCE-110
GC-ND-232-DCE-220 RS232 220V - Europe DCE (female) GC-ND-232-DCE-220
GC-ND-232-DCE-NOPS RS232 No Power Supply DCE (female) GC-ND-232-DCE-NOPS
GC-ND-232-DTE-110 RS232 110V - U.S./North America DTE (male) GC-ND-232-DTE-110
GC-ND-232-DTE-220 RS232 220V - Europe DTE (male) GC-ND-232-DTE-220
GC-ND-232-DTE-NOPS RS232 No Power Supply DTE (male) GC-ND-232-DTE-NOPS
GC-ND-485-DCE-110 RS232/RS422/RS485 110V - U.S./North America DCE (female) GC-ND-485-DCE-110
GC-ND-485-DCE-220 RS232/RS422/RS485 220V - Europe DCE (female) GC-ND-485-DCE-220
GC-ND-485-DCE-NOPS RS232/RS422/RS485 No Power Supply DCE (female) GC-ND-485-DCE-NOPS
GC-ND-485-DTE-110 RS232/RS422/RS485 110V - U.S./North America DTE (male) GC-ND-485-DTE-110
GC-ND-485-DTE-220 RS232/RS422/RS485 220V - Europe DTE (male) GC-ND-485-DTE-220
GC-ND-485-DTE-NOPS RS232/RS422/RS485 No Power Supply DTE (male) GC-ND-485-DTE-NOPS
GC-ND-232-DCE-U RS232 Universal DCE (female) GC-ND-232-DCE-U
GC-ND-232-DTE-U RS232 Universal DTE (male) GC-ND-232-DTE-U
GC-ND-485-DCE-U RS232/RS422/RS485 Universal DCE (female) GC-ND-485-DCE-U
GC-ND-485-DTE-U RS232/RS422/RS485 Universal DTE (male) GC-ND-485-DTE-U
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