PCAN-Developer 4 : Software Development Package for CAN & CAN FD


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MPN: IPES-004070

Manufacturer: Peak System Technik

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PCAN-Developer 4 is a high-performance Application Programming Interface (API) capable of creating complex Windows® applications that support CAN and CAN FD using PEAK-System hardware interfaces.

The API can be used with different programming languages. The scope of supply includes examples and header files for C/C++, Delphi, and .NET (C#, Visual Basic, and C++ CLR).

The PCAN-Developer package provides an extensive function library using interface DLLs for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Unlike the free PCAN-Basic API, the CAN communication is handled by Client objects, which allows multiple applications to access a single physical CAN channel. Furthermore, it can even work without CAN hardware via virtual connections; Clients establish a simulated CAN connection between Windows® applications.


Features of CAN connections via Clients

  • One or multiple Clients can be connected with a Net
  • One Client can be connected with multiple Nets
  • A Net can be connected to one virtual connection or one active hardware channel
  • When a Client transmits, the message is passed to all other Clients connected to the Net and via the hardware to the external CAN bus


Package Includes:

  • Single user license for development
  • Distribution license for PCAN-Developer redistributable
  • API DLLs
  • PCAN-View
  • PCAN-Nets Configuration
  • PCAN-Status Display

For the API and the software, you will receive all updates and free support for the duration of two years.



  • Professional API for developing applications with CAN and CAN FD connections
  • Complies with CAN specifications 2.0 A/B and FD
  • CAN FD support for ISO and Non-ISO standards switchable
  • Supports the operating systems Windows® 10, 8.1, 7 (32/64-bit)
  • Use of a Windows® DLL for 32-bit or 64-bit as programming interface (API) for all supported hardware types
  • Thread-safe API

Interface with PEAK-System hardware:

  • Up to 64 applications can be operated per physical CAN channel at the same time
  • Use of up to 64 channels for each hardware type
  • Simple switching between channels of a PCAN PC hardware using Nets
  • Access to the CAN channels of a PCAN-Gateway via the new PCAN-LAN hardware type
  • Driver-internal buffering of up to 32,768 CAN messages per Client
  • Buffer size can be configured via the API
  • Precision of time stamps on received messages up to 1 µs (depending on the PEAK CAN interface used)
  • Access to all available hardware parameters such as listen-only mode
  • Notification of the application through Windows® events when a message is received
  • Notification of the application through driver events, e.g. altered hardware parameters, plug-in/plug-out of PCAN PC hardware, or bus load information
  • Interrupt-triggered reception of CAN messages by the driver. Storage in a FIFO buffer with the time stamp
  • Control of the transmission timing by specifying time stamps when transmitting messages
  • Configuration of single-shot and self-receive-request transmissions
  • Support of CAN error frames
  • Simulated CAN communication between applications via Clients
  • Free definition of a message filter per Client
  • Hardware reset during an active connection
  • Hardware configuration using the control panel or application

Scope of supply:

  • PCAN-API 4 Interface DLLs (32/64-bit)
  • PCAN-Developer 4 license package
  • Software: PCAN-View, PCAN-Nets Configuration, and PCAN-Status Display
  • Examples and header files for various programming languages
  • Documentation in PDF format

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