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PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Ultra Pro Kit


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The PROFIBUS Ultra Pro Kit for troubleshooting is the complete solution for engineers, installers and maintenance technicians. All ProfiTrace 2 software options (except CommDTM) are included in this toolkit. At its center is the ProfiTrace 2 PC software and the powerful ProfiCore Ultra PROFIBUS interface module.

Kit includes: 

  • ProfiCore Ultra + USB cable
  • ProfiTrace 2
  • ScopeWare
  • ProfiCaptain 2
  • Topology Scan
  • PA Probe Ultra
  • Tap Connector 2
  • OPC software
  • Blue carrying case

This kit is the best solution for:

  • Installation & Commissioning: Use the ProfiCaptain feature to test slave devices and look for cabling problems before the PLC/DCS/Master programming is complete. ProfiCaptain can also be used to test various PROFIBUS bus speeds prior to start-up, to identify problems if speeds are changed in the future.
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Use the Overview, busmonitor, Scopeware and BarGraph features to find configuration, cabling, protocol and device related issues. Use the reporting feature to create Preventative Maintenance baselines so that minor issues are identified before they become a major problem.
  • Development: Use the message recording feature to aid in the design and development of PROFIBUS devices, to identify protocol issues, and to insure proper communications.

Grid Connect offers onsite training and onsite troubleshooting to customers across the USA using ProfiTrace 2 with the ProfiCore Ultra and other great PROCENTEC products. As a PROCENTEC Gold Distributor, we have the product expertise and PROFIBUS knowledge to help customers with all aspects of PROFIBUS fieldbus networks.

View video for demonstration of tools included in some of our PROFIBUS troubleshooting and maintenance toolkits.

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