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ProfiHub B4FOR+ - Fiber Optic Ring with RS485 Redunancy


MPN 17430, 17440

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Authorized North America Distributor StampThe ProfiHub B4FOR+ is a PROFIBUS DP RS485 copper cable to Fiber Optic Link module that can be used to create Multi-Mode or Single-Mode Fiber Optic Rings for PROFIBUS networks. Single-Mode allows for 50km fiber optic cable lengths, while Multi-Mode allows for 5km cable lengths. Status of the rings can be remotely monitored via ComBricks.

At the same time, this module supports RS485 cable redundancy for 2 cables and provides 4 copper segments. These PROFIBUS segments can be used with other ProfiHubs or ComBricks to create redundant copper cable runs on 2 cables between the hubs. If 2 copper cables are used for redundancy, then the remaining 2 segments can be used for PROFIBUS DP field devices.

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Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-PB-PROFIHUB-B4-FOR-MM Multi-Mode 17430
GC-PB-PROFIHUB-B4-FOR-SM Single-Mode 17440
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