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ComBricks PROFIBUS Fiber Optic Ring Module


MPN 101-201531, 101-201530, 101-201532

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The ComBricks PROFIBUS Fiber Optic Ring modules enable the creation of a redundant fiber optic ring, as well as traditional point-to-point and line topologies.


The modules are available in

  • Multi-mode (MM),
  • Single-mode (SM),
  • or Combination mode (XM) with 1 Multi-mode and 1 Single-Mode channel.

Fiber optic links are ideal for providing galvanic isolation between devices and segments, as well as for extending networks. For Single-mode channels, the distance between modules is 30 km, while for Multi-mode the maximum distance is 5 km between modules.

The modules have LEDs to indicate “low signal level” of the light signals on the fiber. A ComBricks headstation with ProfiTrace OE provides busmonitor data for the modules via a web server, allowing for easy maintenance and monitoring of the PROFIBUS installation. Should any errors occur, such as “low signal level” or “broken ring”, an advanced emailing system or SNMP can be used for immediate notifications.

All modules support all PROFIBUS DP baud rates up to the maximum 12Mpbs. Fibers are connected to ST/BFOC connectors on the modules.

Suitable in EMC environments
The fiber optic rings were created specifically for optical redundant ring topologies and especially suitable for use in heavy EMC environments, such as waste and water treatment, mines, cranes or tanks.The following table providesr assistance in selecting the best module for your purposes.


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Fiber Type

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-PB-CB-FOR-SM-SM Single-Mode 101-201531
GC-PB-CB-FOR-MM-MM Multi-Mode 101-201530
GC-PB-CB-FOR-SM-MM Single & Multi Mode 101-201532
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