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Employee Spotlight: Erik Krietsch, Senior Developer

Erik Krietsch is one of two developers we have here at Grid Connect. Erik spends a lot of his time working on the ConnectSense App. This involves adding new features and fixing bugs as well as a long list of all the things that go into putting out the best app possible.

Erik has always loved working with computers and started learning his first programming language when he was 15. After building up his skills in a variety of ways, he was able to start getting paid for what he loves to do when he was 20. After years of experience in a diverse array of jobs and mentorships, Erik met Adam Justice (VP of Grid Connect) and John Allured (Lead Developer at Grid Connect) at an OpenHack meetup. Soon after this, Erik joined the Grid Connect team and hasn’t looked back, “I find the work interesting” says Erik, “the problems we face are challenging without being monumentally frustrating.”

Erik enjoys running, reading comics, and playing with his two beautiful daughters (4 years and 10 months).

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