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DataEagle 3712A Compact Kit - Wireless PROFIBUS with PROFIsafe


MPN 11168, 11169

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The DATAEAGLE 3712A Compact Kit uses a patent filter technology to ensure a highly reliable, error-free connection for wireless PROFIBUS DP transfers. This kit is a plug & play system that includes 2 pre-paired radios (1 master and 1 slave) equipped with PROFIsafe technology.

The DIN rail mounting and IP20 rated case allows the device to be used in a variety of environments. The network uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth, 100m W (EIRP) frequency and is capable of transmissions up to 300 meters in open areas or 100 meters in doors.

The network is able to support a total of 4 radio slaves and 8 PROFIBUS DP slaves with a data transmissions up to 1.5 Mbit/s. Additional devices with PROFIBUS DP interface can be tied in with radio links, allowing the device to be implemented in an existing network.

Compare DATAEAGLE 3000 Series.

Common Applications Include:
  • Replacement of conductor lines
  • Replacement of optical coupler
  • Replacement of trailing cable/cable chains
  • Replacement of slip rings
  • Water/sewage and raw materials management
  • Cranes/crane systems
  • Storage systems
  • Machine construction
  • Automotive industry
  • Transport vehicles
  • Lifts/elevators


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