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SPKR-IP11-BD-P - Hallway BiDirectional IP Speaker



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Hallway bi-directional IP Speaker, SIP Speaker or VoIP Speaker for IP Paging and emergency notifications. The product can be surface mounted to wall or ceiling with the long axis parallel to the floor plane and traffic flow and is designed for interior IP Paging, SIP Paging and emergency notifications.

This IP Speaker is ideally suited to minimize the number of speakers required to cover long hallways due to its unique bi-directional design and can be used in place of several ceiling or wall mounted speakers. Coverage of up to 100′ is possible.

The S3/InformaCast Firmware feature enables the IP Endpoint to connect to Singlewire's InformaCast software and to SIP based Phone systems. Please note that InformaCast only supports outbound paging even on products that have two-way capabilities.

With S3/InformaCast firmware, IP Endpoints can be grouped together for multicast paging from Cisco Universal Call Manager (CUCM) or other IP based phone systems.

It also enables the IP Endpoint to optionally connect to a SIP based Phone System with browser based configuration as well as the high fidelity G.722 voice codec in addition to the standard G.711 uLaw and aLaw voice codecs.

SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.

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GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-11-BD-P Without InformaCast SPKR-IP11-BD-P
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-11-BD-P-IC With InformaCast SPKR-IP11-BD-P
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