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Employee Spotlight: John Marchiando, VP of Business Development

John Marchiando joined Grid Connect as our VP of Business Development about 15 months ago. He spearheads the Internet of Things (IoT) developments in our company on the sales/partnering level: continually looking for new companies to partner with and traveling with reps to meet potential customers. “I just love the overall culture,” says John about his experience at Grid Connect, “the only pressure in the job is what I put on myself.”

John has a long history in the technology business, working for Synergetic and Lantronix (where he worked with Mike Justice before Grid Connect). Additionally, John was the regional manager for a multi-million dollar wire and cable company, before he turned his attention back to wireless tech.

In his free time, John likes to ride his motorcycle, cook and hang out with his three kids and two grandsons. 

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